Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, Spring 2017

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(Ümber suunatud leheküljelt Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures)
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General information

General information about the course can be found on the introductory slides.

Mailing list

The mailing list contains the students and the staff. Only list members are allowed to post to this list.


For Ada programming, you can download the GNAT GPL Edition.


There are some notes on selected topics from the classes:

Code is available as a number of ZIP files:

You can build the code by running gnatmake on the *.adb files of the test procedures. If you use a UNIX-like operating system (for example, Linux or Mac OS X) and you have GNU Make installed, you can also run make to build the code and make clean to remove the files created during building.


Download Deadline
1 Download 13/02/2017
2 Download 27/02/2017
3 Download 13/03/2017
4 Download 27/03/2017
5 Download 10/04/2017
6 Download 24/04/2017
7 Download 08/05/2017
8 Download 22/05/2017