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As of Fall semester of 2019 ITC8050 will be discontinued. The replacement course as of the IVCM09/18 curriculum version is ITC8270 (6 ECTS).

As of Fall semester of 2015 ITC8050 replaces the ITX8062 course in the IVCM curriculum. It is mandatory for all specializations up to and including the IVCM09/17 curriculum version.

This course will be discontinued after Spring 2019, since it is replaced by ITC8270 starting from the IVCM09/18 curriculum version.

The course is intended for second or third semester students.

Strategic and Operational Aspects of Cyber Security

Admin notes for 2018 Fall semester

Where and when?

Room ICT-315, Tuesdays 1745-2100 during weeks 1-8.


Rain Ottis, PhD, Professor at TUT

Jaan Priisalu, Researcher at TUT

Contacts: rain dot ottis at ttu dot ee jaan dot priisalu at ttu dot ee

Schedule & Slides

The lecture topic order may change depending on the availability of lecturers. Please check this wiki page before each lecture for the most up-to-date information.

Materials from previous years

Some lecture topics from previous years

  • cyber conflict and malicious actors
  • how different aspects of cyber security fit together (technical, processes, people).
  • what should be protected and why in a digital society.
  • incident handling and risk management.


General notes

This is an oral exam. Up to 9 students take the exam during one slot.

In the beginning of the exam you will get two questions (may be multi-part questions). At least one of the questions will be based on your paper topic (usually both). You will then have time to prepare your answers. You can use any materials at this time. However, when you come to answer the questions (and any follow-up questions that arise), you can only use your notes. You are free to leave once you have answered your questions.

Check this page for updates before coming to the exam.


Via OIS.

Exam times

Exam times, locations and registration in OIS.


Registration for re-examination in OIS.