ITC8240 Cryptography (2021)

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Redaktsioon seisuga 23. august 2021, kell 10:35 kasutajalt Ahto (arutelu | kaastöö) (→‎Topics)
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Course information

Code: ITC8240 Cryptography


Assessment: examination


  • Ahto Buldas ahto dot buldas at taltech dot ee
  • Nikita Snetkov nikita dot snetkov at taltech dot ee


  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Simple (classical) ciphers: substitution, permutation, shift, affine, Vigenere
  3. Attacks against classical ciphers: attack types, basic attacks, attacks against Vigenere
  4. Theory of unbreakable ciphers I: basic conceptes of information theory
  5. Theory of unbreakable ciphers II: proof that one-time pad is unbreakable, attacks against imperfect ciprers, unicity distance
  6. Block ciphers: basic architectures, execution modes, etc.
  7. Key establishment: definition, proof that no key establishment protocol is secure against unlimited adversaries, DH key exchange idea
  8. Limited adversaries I: complexity theoretic approach to adversaries, complexity classes P and NP
  9. Limited adversaries II: randomized computations, related complexity classes, Chernoff bounds, etc.
  10. RSA cryptosystem: definition and related mathematical concepts
  11. RSA implementation failures: some examples how RSA should not be implemented
  12. Some other public key cryptosystems: ElGamal and related, EC cryptosystems, Paillier?
  13. Digital signature schemes and hash functions: security notions, paddings, hash function basics
  14. Cryptographic protocols: authentication, zero knowledge, etc.
  15. Quantum adversaries: concept, some results without proofs (Shor, Grover) and their security implications. Post-quantum cryptosystems (overview)

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