MScSeminar II 2023 Autumn

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Course description:

Course timetable:


  • date Oct 17 Oct 20: Add description of which method you are going to use in your MSc thesis. Submit it to [] to the appropriate assignment.

Problem Statement

  • date Oct 30: Review deadline (3 reviews each)
  • date Dec 22: Background and related work chapter submission.
  • October - December: Defence talk practice.



  • 10% of 100%: Problem statement and methodology, another 10% of 100% for giving feedback to problem statements submitted by others.
  • 50% of 100%: Background and related work submission.
  • 30% of 100%: Your mock defence talk and participation in seminars where other students give talks. Note that you will need to submit your current draft of the thesis by the time you give the talk. The draft is not marked, but it will be used for questions after your talk.

The final grade will be calculated as follows from the sum of the above results:

  • 90% or more: 5
  • 80% or more: 4
  • 70% or more: 3
  • 60% or more: 2
  • 50% or more: 1
  • less than 50%: 0

Useful links

How to write a great research paper (thesis) by Simon Peyton Jones.

Selecting the Research Method

list of available thesis topics for defence in the Summer 2019

list of available thesis topics for defence in the Summer 2020

available thesis topics for defence in the Summer 2021

Ian Parberry's advice: [4]

Bertrand Meyer: Why I sign my reviews: [5]

Seminar on writing thesis in Latex. An example of TTÜ thesis template in Latex is here.

Digital library TalTech [6]