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Special Course on Digital Forensics I (ITC8220, 3 ECTS)

The topic of the course in spring 2015 semester is "Visual analytics: methods and tools".

Basic Information

  • Course Code -- ITX8220
  • Credit Points -- 3.0 EAP
  • Course Language -- English
  • Schedule -- Tuesdays 10-13.30 starting from April 5st
  • Room -- ICT-405 (Akadeemia tee 15A building)
  • Contact:
  • Course Moodle environment


Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces. Today, data is produced at an incredible rate and the ability to collect and store the data is increasing at a faster rate than the ability to analyze it. Over the last decades, a large number of automatic data analysis methods have been developed. However, the complex nature of many problems makes it indispensable to include human intelligence at an early stage in the data analysis process. Visual Analytics methods allow decision makers to combine their human flexibility, creativity, and background knowledge with the enormous storage and processing capacities of today’s computers to gain insight into complex problems. Using advanced visual interfaces, humans may directly interact with the data analysis capabilities of today’s computer, allowing them to make well-informed decisions in complex situations. During this course different methods will be overviewed mostly from law enforcement , intelligence, military and cyber defense point of view. We look at the history of visual analytics and see what methods we have available this day. Also during this course we would have practical task to get the better understanding of matter.