Machine learning

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Previous years: 2014

Spring 2014/2015

ITI8565: Machine learning

Taught by: Sven Nõmm

EAP: 6.0

Time and place: Thursdays

 Lectures: 14:00-15:30  ICT-A2
 Labs: 16:00-17:30  ICT-405
 Consultation: by appointment

Additional information:

The course is organised by the Department of Comptuer Science. The course is supported by IT Academy.

Lecture 1: Introduction, decision trees


Example made in class - When to play tennis?

Reading - contains also the full algorithm for decision tree learning with divide-and-conquer strategy.

Lecture 2: k-nearest neighbors


Lecture 3: K-means & Gaussians


NB! Home assignment Nr.1 will be given next week

Reading I

Reading II

Lecture 4: Gaussian Mixture Model & EM algorithm



Home assignment Nr.1 If you missed the class please contact the lecturer to receive your individual data and get assignment for the part 2.1.

Home Assignmnet 1

Lecture 5: Linear Regression


Data file 1 for the practice

Lecture 6: Logistic Regression


Home Assignment 1: Grades

Grades as for 16.03.2015

Lecture 7: Logistic Regression


Home assignment Nr.2 If you missed the class please contact the lecturer to receive your individual data.

Grades as for 23.03.2015

Home Assignmnet 2

Lecture 8: Artificial neural networks


Data file for the practice

Lecture 9: Competitive learning


Data file for the practice

Lecture 10: Neural networks


Lecture 11: Multiclass classification


Home Assignment 3: Neural networks

Assignment Data

Lecture 12: Markov chains and hidden Markov models


Lecture 13

NB! Thursday 30.04.2015 Lecture is cancelled!!! Instead of the lecture practice will take place at 14:00 ICT-405 !!!

Final Project: description

Final Poject: description

Home Assignment 4

Assignment Data

Guest Lecture

Support vector Machines by Maria Kesa


21.05.2015 ICT-405 14:00- 17:30

Exam 28.05.2015

Due to the ICT-405 availability examination time is shifted from 16:00 to 12:00 If you could not come at 12 please let me know!!!