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Welcome to course about and around malicious software

This is course that gives overview of the "modern" Operating systems You will gain or remaind your self how to manage your own systems, troubleshot them and write basic scripts


     Monday   17:45-19:14              ICT-402


assignments will be published in


2016.09.05 First class introduction

2016.09.12 Second class

2016.09.19 Third class

2016.09.26 Forth class

2016.10.04 Fift class Authentication

2016.10.10 Sixt class , Bash CMD ,Self study intro

2016.10.17 Time for self study

2016.10.24 8.Performance and problem solving

2016.10.31 Time for self study

2016.11.07 Week 10 Linux Perf tools

2016.11.14 Week 11 Linux vs Microsoft Security

2016.11.21 week 12 qubes OS

2016.11.28 week 13 Mac, IOS ,

2016.12.05 Time for self study

2016.12.12 week 15 Abit about Android DevOps-Delivery architecture

2016.12.19 ++ Last possibility for defense , Quiz