Hybrid Systems

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ITI8580 Hybrid Systems

Spring 2014/2015

ITI8580: Hybrid Systems

Taught by: Sven Nõmm

EAP: 6.0

Time and place: Tuesdays

Lecture 14:00 - 15:30 ICT - A2

Practice 16:00 - 17:30 ICT - 405

This course focuses on modeling, analysis and design issues of various classes of hybrid systems. Special attention is paid to computational and simulation aspects. Formal methods for hybrid systems tie together mathematical logic, computational models and automated reasoning tools supporting formal specification and verification. The design and synthesis methods of provably correct (with respect to formal specifications) control programs for hybrid systems will be examined.


Lecture 1: Introduction


Lecture 2: Control Theory (Reminder 1)


Lecture 3: Control Theory (Reminder 2) Feedback


Lecture Student presentations To be added later

Lecture 4: Automata


Lecture 5: Hybrid Automata


Lecture 6: Stability of Hybrid Systems


Practicum: Modelling of Hybrid systems in SciLab


Lecture 9:


Test1 : Results

Test results


Grading: is explained in detail in Lecture 1

Results by 21.05


Two tests, each gives you max 10 % of the final grade. In the end of the term you will be given one make-up attempt.

Two home assignments(followed by presentation). Each gives you max 10% of the final grade. If you fail to prepare your presentation no make-up is possible.

Final project gives you max 60% of the final grade. It will require to design and implement hybrid system. Perform numeric simulation and interpret the results. On the examination day, you will be given three minutes to state the problem, and present the results followed by more detailed analysis of your work. You may be asked to perform simulation or even to introduce some changes into implementation of your system. Usually it takes 10 -15 days to complete the project.